Trish Poupard
Watercolor Artist


A former clothing designer, Trish has no formal art education.  She honed her watercolor skills by taking classes at a local recreation center.  It wasn’t until she moved from Southern California to NorthTexas that she decided to pursue her watercolor full time.  Through teaching watercolor technique classes locally and serving on the board of the Southwestern Watercolor Society In Dallas, Trish finds a busy balance  creating art with giving back to the art community.  


AmericanWatercolor Society (AWS)

CentralTexas Watercolor Society (CTWS)

NationalWatercolor Society (NWS)

Societyof Watercolor Artists (SWA) Signature Member

SouthwesternWatercolor Society (SWS) 2nd VP, Board of Directors

TexasWatercolor Society (TWS)

TransparentWatercolor Society of America (TWSA)

VisualArts Guild of Frisco (VAGF)

VisualArts of Prosper (VAP)

WatercolorArt Society-Houston (WAS-H)

WatercolorWest (WW) Signature Member

WesternFederation of Watercolor Societies (WFWS)



Western Federation of Watercolor Societies 47th Exhibiton, Juror -Iain Stewart

 “OneHundred Percent”

Societyof Watercolor Artists International Juried Exhibition, Juror-Laurin McCracken


37th Texas & Neighbors Regional Exhibition, juror-Billy Hassell 

“Urban Cowgirl”

Richardson Civic Arts Society 56th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition &Sale, Juror-Steve Ko “Daydreamer”

54th Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition, Juror-Bev Jozwiak


Texas Watercolor Society73rd Annual National Exhibit, Juror-Stephen Quiller 

“if LooksCould Kill”

Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, Juror of selection-Ratindra Das

"Approaching Fort Worth"


Societyof Watercolor Artists Juried Exhibition, Juror-Mollie Jones “Pigtails &Snowflakes”

  2nd Place Award

Crèmede la Crème, Visual Arts Guild of Frisco, “Busy”,“Daydreamer” 

3rdPlace Award

Blue,Coppell Arts Council Juried Exhibition, “Overcast”, “Crossing Over”, “SoaringAbove” Honorable Mention

WatercolorWest 53rd International Juried Exhibit, Juror-Thomas Schaller  “Urban Cowgirl”

SouthwesternWatercolor Society58th Annual Member Exhibition, Juror-Ruth Armitage “DogwoodDrama

Richardson Civic Art Soc 2021 Juried Exhibiti, Juror-Marina Shterenberg “Chloe Closeup”

  Honorable Mention

Fresh Ideas 2021 Visual Art League of Lewsiville, Juror-John Cook “Waking Up”,“Dallas Pkwy”

Watercolor Art Society-Houston Monthly Exhibit, Juror Don Andrews “Freckled Angel”

  Honorable Mention

Central Texas Watercolor Society Spring Exhibition, Juror-Vladislev Yeliseyev “FreckledAngel” 

1st Place Award

ArtrageousVisual Art League of Frisco, “Huntington Cactus”

Pittsburgh Watercolor Society Aqueous Open International Exhibition, Juror-Carla O’Connor“Overcast”

Texas Watercolor Society 72nd Annual National Exhibit, Juror-Karen Vernon“Crossing Over”

CCAN National Art Competition, Juror-Liz Trosper “Dallas Pkwy”, “Huntington Cactus”

Philadelphia Watercolor Society 121’st Int’l Exhibit Works on Paper, Jurors-Mary White, RayBalkwill “Lush”

Richardson Civic Arts Society 2021 Member Show, Juror-Winter Rusiloski “Approaching FortWorth”

NationalWatercolor Society, Juror Mat Barber Kennedy “Huntington Cactus”

Red River Watercolor Society 28th National Juried Watermedia Exhibition,Juror-Robbie Laird “Busy”

Artin the Atrium, City of Frisco,  (publicart) “Busy”

IrvingArt Association Animal Exhibition,  "Busy” , “Armadillo Sunset”

36thTexas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition, Juror- Andrea Karnes“Approaching Fort Worth”

Fresh Start Visual Art League of Frisco, “Dallas Pkwy”


CentralTexas Watercolor Society Fall Show, Juror-Kim Abercrombie “Approaching FortWorth”

  Best of Show

WaterlooWatercolor Group 42nd Fall Exhibit, Jurors –Frank Webb,David Savellano “Busy” Honorable Mention

RichardsonCivic Art Society 2020 Membership Show, “Cabana”

  Honorable Mention

WatercolorArt Society-Houston 51st Member Exhibit, Juror-Don AndrewsHuntington Cactus Merchandise Award

VisualArts Society of Texas 13th Annual 175-Mile Exhibition, Juror-Liz Ash“Busy”

SouthCarolina Watercolor Society 43rd National Exhibit, Juror-Ted Nuttall “Crossing Over” “Daydreamer”

CCANNational Juried Art Competion, Juror- Thomas Motley, “Armadillo Sunset”

  First Place Watercolor

NorthstarWatermedia Society 6th Annual National Juried Exhibition,Juror-Nicole Watson

 “Crossing Over”

Society of Watercolor Artists Membership Exhibition 2020, Juror –Janet Rogers"Huntington Cactus"

1st Place

Richeson 75 Landscape, Seascape, Architecture 2020, “Crossing Over” 

Merit Award & Published in Book

Kentucky Watercolor Society Aqueous USA 2020 Exhihibition Juror-Anne Abgott 


Pittsburgh Watercolor Society Aqueous Open International  Exhibition, Juror-John Salminen

“Approaching Fort Worth”

Philadelphia Watercolor Society 120th Int’l Exhibit Paper, Juors;John Salimen,Sephen Quillar “Daydreamer”

Women in Watercolor Jurors-Lynn Pratt, Lana Privitera, Chris Krupinski

“Busy”, “Cabana”, "Crossing Over”

WatercolorArt Society-Houston June Member Show, Juror Cookie Wells  

“Armadillo Sunset”, "Overcast”

Society of Watercolor Artists 2020 International Juried Exhibition, Juror-Brenda Swenson



Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, "Cabana" (sold)

Watercolor West 51st International Exhibition, Juror-Keiko Tanabe “Busy”

OPOMAC National Juried Art Exhibition, Juror-Randy Meador “Cabana”

Southwestern Watercolor Society 56th Annual Member Exhibition, Juror-Vladislev Yelisyev “Crossing Over”

Society of Watercolor Artists international Exhibiton, Juror-Iain Stewart “Daydreamer”

CentralTexas Watercolor Society Spring Member Exhibitio, Juror-Michael Reardon“Cabana” 

3rd Place

2019 Juried Membership Exhibition, Juror- Judi Betts “Soaring  Above”

CentralTexas Watercolor Society 2019 Fall Membership Exhibit, Juror- Michael Holter “Daydreamer”

SouthCarolina Watercolor Society 2019 National Watermedia Exhibit, Juror- Ryan Fox“Cabana”

CentralTexas Watercolor Society Fall Memeber Exhibit, Juror Jeremy Newton “Succulent” Honorable Mention

Trish Poupard, born and raised in Southern California, has been painting in watercolor for over 10 years with numerous acceptanaces into national and international exhibitions and many awards won.  She spent 14 years as a successful clothing designer in Los Angeles.  Trish learned watercolor techniques from local classes and watercolor workshops.  She has no formal art education. Trish honed her watercolor realism techniques to  skyscapes, cityscapes, figures,portraits and florals, painting   from photos she takes herself.           Her intention is to represent a piece of realistic beauty through  transparent  watercolor. Her paintings can be found in private collections as well as juried exhibitions nationally and internationally.  She welcomes commissions and paints from client’s photos.  Contact her to buy an original painting to order a “one off” archival giclee on watercolor paper  or to commission a painting.


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